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I’m Adele Sciortino,

and I’m an artist just like you. For the last 8 years, I’ve studied the fastest and most enjoyable ways to build my audience and share my work with the world.

Thanks to my adventures, I’ve been able to get my work featured in industry magazines, reach more than more than 4,000 newsletter subscribers, and attract 55,000+ visitors to my website each year.

I believe that if you want success, you must feed your passion first. For me, that means taking the time to create and promote my work rather than focus on how I can sell it. Once you learn how to show up consistently, the audience—and the sales—will follow.

In between making art and promoting myself as an artist, I’ve built a thriving online business called A for Artistic. Now I’m bundling up everything I know about online marketing and promotion to help you grow your following, sell more of your work, and finally become known for the true artist you are.

Think of this website as a colorful virtual classroom. Here, you will get fun and easy marketing tools to help you succeed—without feeling overwhelmed by social media or bored by repetitive routines.

You don’t have to become a consistency robot or spend hours learning dry business speak. You just need support from someone who gets it—plus proven techniques that let your creativity shine.

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I’m in the beginning stages of Artistic Marketing Solutions.That means you get a special invitation to review your art sales/marketing strategy with me ——for free!   How?  Keep Scrolling…

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