How often to change your Facebook page banner?

At least change the banner every season.  This is prime real estate on your Facebook page.  It is the first thing that visitors see when Facebook cruising. 

One thing to keep in mind when creating a banner is that a good layout of pictures and wording is very important. You want your banner to make an impact to be shared.  You want to achieve as much interaction on your page as much as possible.

Make the Facebook banners all about you and your art…always fill-out the description area of your banner.  This is an area that gives you the opportunity to talk about what is on the banner or the message you want to share.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started for creating a banner

  • Celebrate your new work of art
  • Tie in your artwork with a holiday or season
  • Show off your design with groupings of your work ~ Don’t clutter the banner and be creative with your layout ~ Graphics and images always increase interest ~

Everyone loves  “Eye Candy” Number of images 1, 3 or 5…

Have fun and get those banners going!