Social Media or Bust!     

You have worked hard and now ready to share your creation on your favorite social media platform.

To be the professional artist you need to give some thought to your social media platform and how it is performing.  You don’t want to fail before you getting going with your marketing efforts.

I often hear that, “Facebook doesn’t work for me or no one reads or shares my post”.  I truly understand that this can be very discouraging but you can turn this around by taking a hard look on how you are handling your social media. So, let’s get this right to achieve the maximum results.

  1. One of the areas that is often overlooked on a Facebook page is the “About Me” area. Potential buyers or collectors like to read about you.   They want to know who they are dealing with and if you are serious about who are and what you have to offer.  Follower’s will move on and not bother searching who you are if your information is not there.  Never assume they know you and that you have been in the art field for many years.  You are competing with many artist…so let’s get it right to have a successful art career.
  2. Post content that is related to your art or art related. Follower’s want to see helpful, interesting and related content.  Now is the time to review what you have been posting and work out a plan for your next postings.
  3. Your interactions on any social media platforms need to be businesslike.  Stay positive and your platform will bloom.
  4. Acknowledge those that comment. 
  5. Stay away from religion, politics and world views!  Your business is about your art, generating sales and growing your list.